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Welcome to Liberty Donuts

A Special Kind of Experience

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*We Validate 1 Hour Free Parking

*25% Military Discount

*15% Salve Discount


Who We Are

How It All Began

Liberty Donuts was founded by life long Newport resident Sean Napolitano in the summer of 2017. Since 2007, Sean has successfully owned and operated A1 Roofing and Construction. In his yearly travels to Ocean City Maryland, Sean was amazed by the hot, made to order donut shops around town. After the closing of Ocean Coffee Roasters, a Newport coffee shop where Sean and other patrons often started their days, Sean decided it was time to fill two missing voids in his life.

Sean deployed Joe Goff, a Salve Regina business student, to help build a team, create a business plan and marketing strategy, and get the start up off the ground.

The name "Liberty" was birthed as a result of a few things: Sean being a Veteran of the Marine Corps, Newport's Navy history, and the shops' location right across the street from the harbor. 

And so we have it... Liberty Donuts - A Hot Donut & Coffee Shop that the beautiful little town of Newport, RI was missing.


Our Products

Donuts, Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch, Ice Cream & More

HOT Made to Order Donuts

Specialty Donuts: $1.99   |   1/2 Dozen: $9.99    |   Dozen: $18.50

1. Liberty Donut - Vanilla glaze w/ patriot sprinkles

2. Marble House - Chocolate glaze w/ oreos + vanilla drizzle

3. Chunky Monkey - Banana glaze with walnuts, chocolate chips + peanut butter drizzle

4. Need for Speed - Espresso glaze with chocolate chips + powdered sugar

5. Sea Newport - Caramel glaze w/ sea salt

6. N.F.D. - Strawberry glaze w/ coconut

7. N.P.D. - Blueberry glaze

8. S'mores - Chocolate glaze w/ crushed graham crackers + marshmallows

9. Cliff Walk - Vanilla glaze w/ peanuts, granola, and M&Ms

10. Coffee Toffee - Espresso glaze w/ heath bar pieces + chocolate drizzle

11. PB & J - Peanut butter and strawberry jam inside a sliced cinnamon sugar donut

12. Loco Cocoa - Chocolate glaze w/ cocoa pebbles

13. New England Maple Tree - Maple glaze w/ walnuts + cinnamon sugar

*Ask about our specials! We also have plain donuts and customizable options!

Coffee & Espresso Bar

                       Small         Medium         Large

Hot Coffee:       $2.35           $2.75           $3.05

Iced Coffee:      $2.35                              $3.05

Hot Tea:            $2.05           $2.35           $2.60

Hot Chocolate:   $2.85            $3.25            $3.85

Americano:       $2.60                              $3.35

Cappuccino:      $3.95                              $4.69

  Espresso:          $2.85                              $3.85  

Latte:                $3.95                              $4.69

Mocha Latte:     $3.95                              $4.69

Macchiato:         $2.85                             $3.85

Affogato:                                                 $5.45

Nitro Brew:         $4.59                             $5.10

Fresh Bagels & Breakfast Menu

~Bagels: $1.75 (Add cream cheese $.55, jelly $.35 or peanut butter $.75) 

~Egg Sandwich: $5.99 (served with two eggs) Add cheese $.35, Bacon or Sausage $1, Avocado $1, Chourico $1.50)

~Breakfast Potatoes: $2.99

~Oatmeal with choice of fruit: $3.99

~Muffins & Pastries! $2.75

Lunch Menu

Lunch Special (Sandwich, Chips, + Water/Soda $9.99)

~Grilled Cheese: $4.99 (Add bacon, ham or turkey for $2.00)

~B.L.T.: $6.50

~Albacore Tuna Wrap: $6.99

~Chicken Salad Wrap: $7.99

~Turkey Bacon Club: $8.50

~Meat Lovers Sub: $8.50

Ice Cream, Shakes, Sundaes & More

Ice cream /Frozen Yogurt           

1 scoop: $3.25

2 scoops: $4.50

3 scoops: $5.50


1 scoop: $3.75

2 scoops: $4.59

3 scoops: $5.59


Waffle cone +$1.00

Wafer cone

Sugar cone


sm $4.50 lg $5.49

Donut Sundae: $5.25

Donut Ice Cream Sandwich: $3.50

Italian Ice:



Smoothie Bar

Sm. $5.50 | Lg. $7.50

Choose Milk or Water:

Whole Milk

Almond Milk

Soy Milk

Choose Three Fruits:








Protein $1

Peanut Butter $.50


Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday: 6am-2pm
Friday-Saturday: 6am-4pm
Sunday: 7am-4pm


22 Long Wharf Mall, Newport, RI 02840, USA

(401) 847-1320

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